Sketch off Round 15: Going Dutch edition

An Orchid inspired supercar

Sketch off Round 14: Too late for Spring Edition

Inspired by flower petals

Sketch off intermission (the 10 car garage challenge)

I saw this game being played over at blog, and it look like so much fun that I'd give it a go. But I set myself a restriction, while I could go through all of automotive history, I would only select from production models. So here is my perfect 10 car garage (for now) in no particular order. 

So, whats you perfect ten car garage?

A collection of some of what I've been up to.

Sketch off Round 13: Lugnegard edition

After watching an interesting tutorial from Mike Lugnegard, I felt a need to try out the technique. Let me know what you think.

Also you can see the tutorial here
Or just check out his site here


Sketch off Round 12


I've spent a week tweaking this to try to get a design that I am happy with but I think that any more work would hurt more that help, so here it is.

Sketch off Round 11

A design for a super car based on an elephants head.

Sketch off Round 10

Sketch off Round 9

An idea for a car based on a lamp.

Sketch off Round 8

I've been toying while doing something based on the themes from 70's Italian super car concepts like the Lancia Stratos Zero, and Ferrari 512 Modulo. So I finally ended up with a proposal for a new Lancia Stratos.